Day 1 – 28.8.2011

The road trip has started! At 3 AM that is…. But the neon sunrise in the middle of nowhere was worth it! wow!

When you go on a road trip with me, you will hear OSTRICH! pretty much the entire way. But today, it took 900 km for me to see the first and only 4 ostrich. How is that possible in the Groot Karoo? Ok, it was dark for the first 3,5 hours, but still. Instead, lots of cattle, sheep, horses, monkeys and even 2 duikers.

And beautiful Karoo landscape: incredible formations surrounded by vast desolation. Loved it!

Another first was to see 0 degrees celcius in south africa. And to think I left home with 11 degrees at 3 AM…. Eventually fog brought me to nice warm sun and blue skies, making the road trip even more worth while.

ok, 1000 km was enough for 1 day. Pretty done now, but loving the pics. Oh, I got bored in the dark and started playing with the camera, resulting in some cool effect shots 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Day 1 – 28.8.2011

  1. Zo, de eerste foto van Lionel is binnen. Prachtige foto’s weer en – ook niet onbelangrijk – een voorspoedige reis! Pappa zei dat dat van hier naar Levico was, dus dan kan ik dat ongeveer behappen. En dat noem jij dan een eitje …… mam


  2. ps: Terwijl ik de foto’s aan het bekijken was hoorde ik de Africa song van de wereldkampioenschappen voetbal (het is kermis op het plein)



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