Question – 10.6.2013

IMG_5922 little african boy portrait


3 thoughts on “Question – 10.6.2013

  1. Hi Heleen, I came across your pictures as I was looking for inspiration for paintings that I’m doing. I’m currently doing a range of paintings of faces on black canvas and would love to know if I can pain this photo of yours? It is just stunning! You can look at my facebook page of what I’ve done so far and i will credit you as a photographer always.
    I look forward to hearing from you!


    1. Hi Berdine,
      Nice to hear from you and for checking with me. Yes, feel free to paint it, though not for commercial use, as I don’t have permission for that myself.
      Please feel free to share once you’re done, would love to see the result. Good luck and enjoy!
      Best regards, Heleen


      1. Thank you so much Helen! You seem to be inspiring us artists with your captivating photography!

        What do you mean by ‘commercial use? I intend to have an exhibition and sell my paintings and also use it as prints. Would that fall under commercial use?


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