Musis Sacrum – 13.6.2013

IMG_8085 musis sacrum arnhem


2 thoughts on “Musis Sacrum – 13.6.2013

  1. Hello Heleen!

    I will be street painting in Arnhem on July 9-12. I like your stunning B/W photo of Musis Sacrum. May I use this photo for my Facebook post to announce my participation in the World Street Painting Festival? It will be in front of this beautiful building. I’ll be honored to use your photo for my post. I will be adding text/copy on it if I do. And I will credit the photo as well of course. Will you allow me to use it for that purpose? Please advise. Dank je wel! – Joel Yau


    1. Hi Joel, what a special opportunity for you to display your art. Yes, you may use this photo on FB, you can just copy this one. It has a watermark, but should be fine for FB right? Have fun! and thanks for checking with me.


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