Dear reader,

I started this blog 7 years ago with the main purpose of sharing my photography collection with you on a global basis. Over the years, it’s been wonderful to share my photographic journey (sometimes literally) with you and to receive your feedback on my work.

My work is rather diverse, so you can find multiple categories in my portfolio. My first love still remains capturing real life children’s portraits. Overall, the main focus now is wildlife and landscape photography, but I recently started applying myself to combine photographs with graphic design. These designs can be found in the Inspiration category.

Based in Europe, my current photography subjects are European, but through travelling I still get to share photos taken in other parts of the world with you.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a photograph, either for personal or commercial use. It’s been such a delight connecting to people all over the world that would like to turn my work into a piece of art on their wall.

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Looking forward to your feedback and connecting with you.

Thank you for visiting my blog,

Heleen van de Ven



27 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Heleen,
    I am so impressed with your photographs, it really looks awesome. I am a photography student in Cape Town, but I am from Namibia. I must do a project on child photography, and I found your photographs of children which inspire me the most. Now I need to get some more information on the photographs that you took. Is it possible to ask you some questions via e-mail?
    Thank you


  2. Hi Laetitia,
    Thanks for your enthusiasm and feedback, so nice to hear. Where in Namibia are you from?
    I find it very flattering you’re taking on my work as a project in your studies. Please feel free to ask me whatever, you can find my email by clicking on my profile or gravatar.
    Speak to you soon then!


  3. Hi Heleen,

    I am a novice artist wanting to enter a portrait competition and would love to use one of your photographs. I love your work and would be honored to be able to paint one of your children.

    You can have a look at my work on the http://www.artistsunderthesun.co.za website, to check the standard of my work.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Regards, Uta Voigt


  4. Hi Uta, sorry to only reply this late. No excuses…
    Thank you for your kind feedback. I´ve checked out your work on the website, nice indeed. I´d say, give it a go with one of my faces. Several artists have gone before you, I think it´s pretty interesting seeing what painters make of my faces.
    Is there anything you need from me?
    Good luck!

    Kind regards, Heleen


  5. Heleen, Ek wil graag weet wat die moontlikheid is om ‘n verkleinde grootte foto van So Young, Yet So Old – 19.4.2013 op ons webblad mag plaas. Ek het lanklaas ‘n foto gesien wat soveel vasvang van ‘n kind in nood.

    Ons het ‘n projek geloods om laslap komberse bymekaar te maak vir kinders in hospitale en ook arm gemeenskappe soos ons kan. Natuurlik sal ek die foto met onderskrif koppel aan jou blog. Ek hoor graag van jou.

    Vriendelike Groete


    1. Hi Dennis,
      Thank you for your feedback and story. I’m Dutch by the way, but my Afrikaans is solid enough to understand, yet not to reply 🙂
      Would you like to tell me more, maybe a link to your website, and can you indicate what the technical requirements are for the photo you’d need?
      Please feel free to email me as well if you’d prefer that.

      Kind regards, Heleen.


  6. HI
    your pics make me very emotionalize ,i was searching on internet to find some African face ,and it show me all is here ,and there is so great pics .i say great but its not for the pains that they have ,the reason is i can feel the pains and take cry when see them ,this tears are not enough ,i hope be one day like you to help them and show others how is the earth rotating .
    thank a lot for your art.
    have a smile for ever .


    1. Hi Heleen,

      Did you ever receive the photo I sent you of the portrait I painted ?

      If not, let me know and I’ll re-send it. Still love your work.


      Uta Voigt

      Sent from my iPad


  7. Hi Heleen,
    Do you have an email address that I could send the picture to? Just don’t seem to be able to send it on here.


  8. Hi there,
    My name is Faye and I’m a Capetonian living in Australia and would love to frame some of your photos to remind me of home. I especially love the one with the boat saying Cape Town on it. Could you please let me know how much it costs and how to arrange payment and delivery? Thanks very much. Kind regards, Faye


    1. Hi Faye. Sorry for my late reply. Thanks for your feedback and positive response. My photos are for sale digitally, so you can decide which size and on which medium you’d like to have them printed. Would that work for you? You can also email me, my details are on the site as well.
      Best regards, Heleen


  9. Hi Heleen,

    For my hotel I’m making a page about Amsterdam, is it okay to use the iAmsterdam-photo from your blog for this?

    You can contact me at nicky.hendriks (AT) radissonblu.com

    Thank you so much!


  10. Hi Heleen, hier astrid en jan pruijn
    Kreeg gister op mijn verjaardag n trouwfoto van ons toegestuurd….
    Dacht krijg nou wat …. Stond jou naam eronder… Ben gelijk gaan browser op je site..
    Tjesus wat n mooie foto’s..
    Nadat je uit houtbay weg bent gegaan zijn we je helemaal uit het oog verloren…
    We zijn benieuwd waar je nu verblijft….hoe het met je gaat…. En aan je foto’s te zien kom je nog steeds in houtbay… Wij wonen er ook nog steeds…
    Heb je een e-mailadres …..
    Groeten astrid en jan


  11. hi i wanted to use some of your pictures in a presentation that i am doing and wanted to get your permission to use them thank you


  12. Hi Heleen,
    Your images are gorgeous! I wanted to get your permission to use them in a poster presentation I will be doing at University of California, Los Angeles. I will make sure to list you as a reference and give you photo credits.

    Look forward to your response


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